Chip Doetsch,President,Apple Ford, Columbia Maryland

A Success Story

"Working with The Caplan Group for over 15 years has enabled Apple Ford to become a top 100 Ford dealer in the United States and rank in the top10 of internet sales out of over 3500 dealers nationwide."

Chip Doetsch, President
Apple Ford

Our Services

Strategic Planning:
You can't go forward without a plan. Our job is to work with all the stake holders and develop a plan that reflects their input, resulting in a buy-in from them. We will then work with the team to implement the plan and evaluate it as we progress.

Search Engine Marketing:
Pay-per-click Advertising; Many companies say they do it but we do it so it creates results. We can geo-target the area where you do business and create the proper message so the click thru rate is cost effective and converts visitors into customers.

Online Banner Advertising:
Having the correct message on the right website is where you want to be and The Caplan Group can deliver that in a geo-targeted region. This creates the visitors you want to attract.

Search Engine Optimization:
Search engines are looking for you, but they can't find you if your site does not tell them you are there. We can help you let them know you are out there!

Traditional Advertising:
For over 20 years we have produced award winning newspaper and magazine ads as well as creative television and radio spots. Creative results oriented advertising still has a place in today's digital world.

Public Relations:
Into today's world just sending out the traditional press release will not yield you the desired outcome. Yes you need to communicate with traditional media, but the Caplan Group speaks to the new king of media - the web! Getting your message out is now faster but more challenging than the good old days of newspapers being the media of record.

Results analysis:
We execute your strategic plan, but we do it to get results! The Caplan Group does a number of detailed reports to track the results so we can always be working to improve your business.

Branding and Collateral Materials:
(logos, brochures and more) Your logo helps define your business and we appreciate how important that is to your success. A brochure must articulate who you are in a clear and concise manner.

Case Study: Online Ad Contest

Local Auto Dealership's Online Ad Contest draws National interest

In tough economic times it doesn't make sense to continue to do the same old advertising and expect different results. One of our clients, Honda of Bowie came to us with a challenge that would demand our upmost creativity and keen attention to innovation.

"We turned to The Caplan Group to come up with a fresh way to reach Honda buyers and they thought using the internet was the best way," said Phil Morelli- President of Honda of Bowie. We came up with a strategy to have an online contest for Honda of Bowie with minimal traditional advertising support. The client offered up an attractive prize (a 2008 Honda Civic) and we promoted a consumer generated commercial contest utilizing You Tube.

Success of the campaign required working closely with the client to set the parameters, orchestrating the technical aspects, and creating awareness. The end result would be a campaign that branded the Honda of Bowie name and website to the online community and a new demographic.

Click Here For Full Case Study (PDF; 114K)